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The Value We Can Bring

"We are a financial quarterback for our clients. We organize our client's tax, investment, estate & legal life."

Retiement Planning

Retirement Planning

We often get a number of common questions regarding retirement planning either pre or post retirement. Those questions typically include:

Am I on track to retire?

Can I retire and not run out of money?

What happens if we have another financial crisis?

Who can help organize my tax, legal, investment & insurance life?

We are able to bring clarity and certainty to these and other questions our clients discuss with us. 


We are a fully independent financial advisory firm. This independence enables us to remove the inherent conflicts of interest common with other non-independent or proprietary firms. We can offer the full market place of ideas, planning strategies and programs that align with our clients goals, objectives and values.

"We are a fully independent firm. We answer directly to our clients."



Our typical client has been investing for a number of years and has noticed the "Herd" mentality of investing. They have been offered or sold the same types of investments or funds as everyone else and they are wondering if there is something better out there? They want to be able to invest away from the "Herd," and take charge of their investments and their future. 

Most investors are unaware they are able to drastically reduce the risk of losing money without sacrificing the ability to grow their portfolio. 

We help educate our clients on how they can invest differently. They can dramatically reduce their downside risk and maintain their upside potential just by understanding how a fully independent advisor can offer the entire marketplace to the client. We provide the best the marketplace has to offer the first time, every time, period. 

"Dramatically reduce your downside risk without sacrificing returns." 

Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

We work with our clients to help determine, if any, need they have for insurance. We are able to fully consult on life insurance as well as long term care insurance. 

We can provide a customized insurance analysis outlining the gaps you may have. Because we are fully independent we are able to shop the full marketplace in order to identify what is in your best interest. We find the best coverage for the best price. 

"We do the work. We shop the entire market to find you the best value."

Estate & Legacy Planning

"Will your family view your assets as inheriting a Legacy or Winning the Lottery?"

Estate & Legacy Planning

Our clients value the assets they have  created and accumulated. They know the hard work it took to get to where they are today. They do not want to see those assets squandered. 

When your hard-earned assets are passed on will your family see them as  Inheriting Legacy or Winning the Lottery?

With accurate and intentional planning we can ensure your values, money management and stewardship qualities you lived throughout your life will be passed on.

We intentionally listen to our clients to learn their values, goals and objectives. We can create an accurate plan to leave the Legacy they envision. 

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